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Buy Chromium picolinate CAS 14639-25-9
Chromium picolinate CAS 14639-25-9
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    USP/ Feed grade
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    25/fiber drum
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Buy Chromium picolinate CAS 14639-25-9, a chemical intermediate for Medical and health products, food additives from TNJ Chemical, China leading Chromium picolinate suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you want to buy Chromium picolinate, please mail to [email protected]

Item                                    Pharma grade
Cr(C6H4NO2)3,%                98.0~102
Cr,%                                    ≥12.18
Cl,%                                    ≤0.06
Sulfate,%                            ≤0.2
Loss on Drying,%                ≤1.0
Pb,%                                   ≤0.001
As,%                                   ≤0.0005
Particle size                        95% pass 180μm


(1) As a medical and health care products: hypoglycemic functional factors, diet supplement, fat suppression strong muscular fitness, enhance immunity.

(2) As a feed additive:

1, Increase livestock and poultry meat, eggs, milk, Aberdeen yield and survival rate of young;
2, Promote the rapid growth of livestock hypoglycemic, fat, improve feed yield;
3, Regulate endocrine, enhance livestock reproductive performance;
4, Improve livestock carcass quality, improve lean meat rate;
5, Reduce livestock stress, enhance livestock stress resistance;

6, Enhance livestock immune function, reduce livestock breeding risk.



25kg per fiber drum

9mt per 20ft container
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      Chromium picolinate CAS 14639-25-9
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