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CAS 62-54-4 Calcium acetate
  • Product Name:

    Calcium acetate anhydrous
  • CAS:

  • Alias:

    Acetic Acid Calcium Salt

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    25kg/drum or as per request
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    TNJ Chemical

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Calcium carbonate (CAS 62-54-4) is the acetate of calcium, with the chemical formula C4H6CaO4. Anhydrous calcium acetate has very good hygroscopicity, so common calcium acetate exists in the form of monohydrate (Ca (CH3COO) 2.H2O, CAS [5743-26-0]).



1. It is used as food stabilizer, chelating agent, mold inhibitor, buffer, aroma enhancer and corrosion inhibitor; Calcium acetate is also a good food calcium fortifier, with better absorption effect than inorganic calcium. It can be used for infant food with the dosage of 33.0 ~ 6.0g/kg (calculated by elemental calcium, the same below); 1.6 ~ 3.2g/kg in cereals and their products;

2. It is used in the production of acetone, acetic acid, polyester industry, and also in the synthesis of acetate;

3. Used as analytical reagent

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      CAS 62-54-4 Calcium acetate
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