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Benzylsulfonyl chloride CAS 1939-99-7 suppliers
Benzylsulfonyl chloride CAS 1939-99-7
  • CAS:

  • Molecular Formula:

  • Quality Standard:

    Enterprise Standard
  • Packing:

    25kg/fiber drum
  • Mininmum Order:

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    TNJ Chemical

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What is the best price to buy Benzylsulfonyl chloride CAS 1939-99-7 from China suppliers? If you decide to buy Benzylsulfonyl chloride 1939-99-7, quality and price are the two factors you need to consider before placing orders. TNJ Chemical is professional Benzyl Sulfonic Chloride suppliers factory from China with more than 16 years. For more information, please feel free to contact sales18@tnjchem.com


Assay           99% min

Water          0.5% max


Pesticide and Pharmaceutical intermidiate

Package & Storage 

25kg/fiber drum or as requested

Stored in a cool and dry place, stay away from fire
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      Benzylsulfonyl chloride CAS 1939-99-7
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