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2-Hydroxyethyl salicylate
2-Hydroxyethyl salicylate CAS 87-28-5
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    25kg/ drum
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2-Hydroxyethyl salicylate is colorless oily liquid,pharmaceutical intermediates,boiling point 172 ℃, the density of 1.244 g/ml at25 ° C, flash point > 230 ° F.For more details,please contact with [email protected]

Index name                        Spec
Appearance                        Colorless Viscous liquid,odorless Practically insoluble in water          
Identification(1)                  A purple color develops
Identification(2)                  A purple color develops
Identification(3)                  A white precipitate develops
Identification(4)                  Determine the UV absorption spectrum
Refractive index                 1.530-1.550
Specific gravity                   1.240-1.255
Acid                                    0.1M NaOH not more than 0.45ml
Heavy metals                     Not more than 10 ppm
Water                                 Not more than 0.20%
Assay                                 Contains C9H10O4 not less than 98.0%


Used in antirheumatic and anti-irritating, and still used in daily cosmetic and essence.


25kg/ drum
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      2-Hydroxyethyl salicylate CAS 87-28-5
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