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Sodium chlorite 25% 30% 80% CAS 7758-19-2
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    30% 25% 80%
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    50kg 250kg/drum etc.
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Chemical Name:     Sodium chlorite   

CAS No.:                7758-19-2

Molecular Fomula:   ClNaO2

Molecular weight:    90.44

Physical properties

Appearance:  Solid is white or yellow greenish crystalline powder and granule; liquid is light yellow solution, qualified for the national chemical product standard.HG3250-2001

Properties: This product has high content and stability, easily soluble in water, difficult hardpan. It is an oxidizing agent with high efficiency and an excellent bleaching reagent. The pure sodium chlorite is equal to 10 times of bleaching powder.


                           31% and 25% solution             80% Powder

Appearance           Light yellow clear solution       White crystal powder

NaClO2                 31.0% min / 25.0% min          80.0% min

NaClO3                 1.5% max                              4.0% max

NaOH                    1.5 % max                             3.0% max

NaCl                     3.0% max                              17% max

Na2CO3                1.0% max                              2% max

Na2SO4                1.0% max                              3% max

NaNO3                 0.1% max                               0.1% max

As                        0.0003% max                         0.0003% max


For drinking water purification: no residual chlorine odor, treatment of sewage with sterilization, removal of phenol, deodorization.

Textile industry: As a textile bleaching agent, sodium chlorite reacts with many fibres. It can be utilised on cotton as well as on vegetable and synthetic fibres such as nylon, perlon, rhovyl, and dralon.

Paper industry: Its oxidising action causes the destruction of pectins in the cellulose fibres, making them more soluble and pliable. It is also utilised to remove colour without attacking the fibres themselves.

It is also used to produce chlorine dioxide in the laboratory; In the scrubbers, because it is a very strong oxidant; To wash fruits and vegetables, and as an anti-mould because of its fungicide action.


80%:  50kg/drum, 18mt/20"FCL

25%, 31%:  1050kg/IBC Drum, 20IBC/20"FCL; 250kg/HEDP drum, 20mt/20"FCL

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      Sodium chlorite 25% 30% 80% CAS 7758-19-2
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