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EDTA Calcium Disodium CAS 62-33-9 suppliers
EDTA Calcium Disodium CAS 62-33-9

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Where to Buy EDTA Calcium Disodium EDTA Ca Na2 CAS 62-33-9, water treatment chemical from TNJ Chemical, China leading EDTA Calcium Disodium suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you want to buy EDTA Calcium Disodium CAS 62-33-9, please mail to sales@tnjchem.com

EDTA Ca Na2 CAS 62-33-9 is white crystal powder,and soluble in water. Easily lose crystal water when heated. Metal exists in chelated form.


Appearance                                White Crystal Powder

Calcium Chelated                        ≥9.5%

Assay                                        ≥98%

PH value(1% Aqueous Solution)   6.0-7.0

Heavy Metal (Pb)                        0.001%


EDTA Ca Na2 is used for a raw nutrition material ,it can be used in agriculture to prevent and correct Calcium deficiencies.


PP bag, 25kg/bag, 20MT/20’ FCL, 18MT/20’ FCL if palletized, or packed as client's request.

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      EDTA Calcium Disodium CAS 62-33-9
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