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  • CAS 17092-92-1

    Dihydroactinidiolide CAS 17092-92-1

    Brief introduction of Dihydroactinidiolide CAS 17092-92-1 Chemical name: (2,6,6-Trimethyl-2-hydroxycyclohexylidene)acetic acid lactone CAS No.:17092-92-1 Synonyms: 2(4H)-Benzofuranone Molecular Formula: C11H16O2 Molecuar Weight: 180.24 EINECS: 239-390-4

  • CAS 14814-09-6

    3-Mercaptopropyltriethoxysilane CAS 14814-09-6

    Properties of 3-Mercaptopropyltriethoxysilane CAS 14814-09-6 3-Mercaptopropyltriethoxysilane belongs to sulfur-containing silane, light yellow to yellow transparent liquid, with unpleasant sulfide smell, insoluble in water, but soluble in alcohol, and will slowly react with water.

  • CAS 8000-27-9

    Cedarwood oil CAS 8000-27-9

    Chemical name: Cedarwood oil  CAS No.:8000-27-9 Synonyms: JUNIPER VIRGIN OIL Molecular Formula: N/A Molecuar Weight: N/A EINECS:285-360-9

  • CAS 4420-74-0

    Trimethoxysilylpropanethiol CAS 4420-74-0

    Properties of Trimethoxysilylpropanethiol CAS  4420-74-0 Trimethoxysilylpropanethiol Properties: Transparent to straw yellow liquid with an unpleasant sulfide odor. Boiling point 212℃, flash point 88℃, soluble in alcohols, ketones, aliphatic hydrocarbons and aromatic hydrocarbons.

  • CAS 5434-21-9

    4-Aminophthalic acid CAS 5434-21-9

    Properties of 4-Aminophthalic acid CAS  5434-21-9 4-aminophthalic acid is a chemical with the chemical formula c8h7no4. CAS No.:5434-21-9 Synonyms:4-amino-2-benzenedicarboxylicacid Molecular Formula: C8H7NO4 Molecuar Weight: 181.15 EINECS:226-596-4

  • CAS 623-17-6

    Furfuryl acetate CAS 623-17-6

    Chemical name: Furfuryl acetate  CAS No.:623-17-6 Synonyms: Benzofurans & Dihydrobenzofurans Molecular Formula: C7H8O3 Molecuar Weight: 140.14 EINECS:210-775-9

  • CAS 1760-24-3

    N-[3-(Trimethoxysilyl)propyl]ethylenediamine CAS 1760-24-3

    Properties of N-[3-(Trimethoxysilyl)propyl]ethylenediamine CAS 1760-24-3 is a very representative silane coupling agent. It can be used to couple organic polymers and inorganic materials, chemical book can be used as glass fiber finishing agent, crosslinking agent and curing agent of silicone rubber and silicone resin, textile finishing agent, amino modified silicone oil, etc 

  • CAS 13701-59-2

    Barium boron oxide CAS 13701-59-2

    Properties of Barium boron oxide CAS 13701-59-2 Chemical name: Barium boron oxide CAS No.:13701-59-2 Synonyms: bariumdiborate Molecular Formula: B2BaO4 Molecuar Weight: 222.95 EINECS: 237-222-4

  • CAS 99-87-6

    p-Cymene CAS 99-87-6

    Brief introduction of p-Cymene CAS 99-87-6 Chemical name: p-Cymene CAS No.:99-87-6 Synonyms: 4-CYMENE Molecular Formula: C10H14 Molecuar Weight: 134.22 EINECS: 202-796-7

  • CAS 31138-65-5

    Sodium Glucoheptonate CAS 31138-65-5

    Properties of Sodium Glucoheptonate  CAS 31138-65-5 Synonyms: Gal[236Bn]beta(1-4)Glc[236Bn]-beta-MP Molecular Formula: C7H13NaO8 Molecuar Weight: 248.16 EINECS: 250-480-2 Properties of Sodium Glucoheptonate  CAS 31138-65-5 Sodium Glucoheptonate  CAS 31138-65-5 is fine chemicals.has excellent effects of corrosion and scale proof.