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  • CAS 608-33-3

    2,6-Dibromophenol CAS 608-33-3

    Brief introduction of 2,6-Dibromophenol CAS 608-33-3 Chemical name:2,6-dibromo-pheno CAS No. 608-33-3 Molecular Formula: C6H4Br2O Molecuar Weight: 251.9 EINECS: 210-161-0 Properties of 2,6-Dibromophenol CAS 608-33-3

  • CAS 6254-89-3

    N-Palmitoyl-D-Sphingomyelin CAS 6254-89-3

    Buy N-Palmitoyl-D-Sphingomyelin CAS 6254-89-3 from TNJ Chemical, China leading N-Palmitoyl-D-Sphingomyelin CAS 6254-89-3 suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you want to buy N-Palmitoyl-D-Sphingomyelin CAS 6254-89-3 or find MSDS TDS, please mail to sales@tnjchem.com

  • CAS 2416-94-6

    2,3,6-Trimethylphenol CAS 2416-94-6

    Brief introduction of 2,3,6-Trimethylphenol CAS 2416-94-6 Chemical name: 2,3,6-Trimethylphenol CAS No.:2416-94-6 Synonyms: 3-HYDROXYPSEUDOCUMENE Molecular Formula: C9H12O Molecuar Weight: 136.19 EINECS: 219-330-3 Properties of 2,3,6-Trimethylphenol CAS 2416-94-6

  • CAS 106214-84-0

    Aminopropyl terminated polydimethylsiloxane CAS 106214-84-0

    Aminopropyl terminated polydimethylsiloxane CAS 106214-84-0 is a high molecular weight organosilicon compound, commonly referred to as organosilicon. It is optically transparent, and under normal circumstances, it is considered inert, non-toxic, and non-flammable.

  • CAS 30931-67-0

    ABTS ammonium salt CAS 30931-67-0

    Brief introduction of ABTS ammonium salt CAS 30931-67-0 Chemical name: Diammonium 2,2'-azino-bis(3-ethylbenzothiazoline-6-sulfonate) CAS No.:30931-67-0 Synonyms: ABTS Molecular Formula: C18H24N6O6S4 Molecuar Weight: 548.68 EINECS: 250-396-6 Properties of ABTS ammonium salt CAS 30931-67-0

  • CAS 19524-06-2

    4-Bromopyridine hydrochloride CAS 19524-06-2

    Brief introduction of 4-Bromopyridine hydrochloride CAS 19524-06-2 Chemical name: 4-Bromopyridine hydrochloride CAS No.:19524-06-2 Synonyms: 4-Bromopyridine hydrochloride Molecular Formula: C5H5BrClN Molecuar Weight: 194.46 EINECS: 243-128-4

  • CAS 4498-67-3

    7-Hydroxygranisetron CAS 4498-67-3

    Buy 7-Hydroxygranisetron CAS 4498-67-3 from TNJ Chemical, China leading 7-Hydroxygranisetron CAS 4498-67-3 suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you want to buy 7-Hydroxygranisetron CAS 4498-67-3 or find MSDS TDS, please mail to sales@tnjchem.com

  • CAS	7681-55-2

    Sodium iodate CAS 7681-55-2

    Properties of Sodium iodate CAS 7681-55-2 Sodium iodate  is White crystalline powder. The relative density is 4.277. Melting point decomposition. Soluble in water, the aqueous solution is neutral. Insoluble in alcohol. Nonflammable. But it can fuel the fire. The contact of sodium iodate with aluminum, arsenic, carbon, copper, hydrogen peroxide.

  • CAS 7379-35-3

    4-Chloropyridinium chloride CAS 7379-35-3

    Brief introduction of 4-Chloropyridinium chloride CAS 7379-35-3 Chemical name: 4-Chloropyridinium chloride CAS No.:7379-35-3 Synonyms: 4-chloro-pyridinhydrochloride Molecular Formula: C5H5Cl2N Molecuar Weight: 150.01 EINECS: 230-946-1

  • CAS 141433-60-5

    Berberine Chloride CAS 141433-60-5

    Buy Berberine Chloride CAS 141433-60-5 from TNJ Chemical, China leading Berberine Chloride CAS 141433-60-5 suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you want to buy Berberine Chloride CAS 141433-60-5 or find MSDS TDS, please mail to sales@tnjchem.com