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  • CAS 69227-51-6

    1-Ethyl-1-methylpyrrolidinium bromide CAS 69227-51-6

    Chemical name: 1-Ethyl-1-methylpyrrolidinium bromide CAS 69227-51-6 CAS No.:69227-51-6 Synonyms: Methyl Ethyl Pyrollidium Bromide Molecular Formula: C7H16BrN Molecuar Weight: 194.11 EINECS: 418-200-5

  • CAS 1980-09-1

    4,4'-Sulfonyldiphenol CAS 1980-09-1

    Brief introduction of 4,4'-Sulfonyldiphenol CAS 1980-09-1 Chemical name: 4,4'-Sulfonyldiphenol CAS No.:1980-09-1 Synonyms: 4,4'-Sulfonyldiphenol Molecular Formula: C12H10O4S Molecuar Weight: 250.27 EINECS:256-278-0

  • CAS 25852-47-5

    Poly(ethylene glycol) dimethacrylate CAS 25852-47-5

    Poly(ethylene glycol) dimethacrylate is colorless liquid. Chemical name: Poly(ethylene glycol) dimethacrylate CAS No.:25852-47-5 Synonyms: 5-Octanoylsalicylic acid Molecular Formula: (C4H5O).(C2H4O)n.(C4H5O2) EINECS: 219-760-1

  • CAS 85-01-8

    Phenanthrene CAS 85-01-8

    Phenanthrene CAS 85-01-8 is the simplest non-linear fused ring aromatic hydrocarbon with three benzene ring structures and is an isomer of anthracene. The content of phenanthrene in high-temperature coal tar is second only to naphthalene, about 4 to 6%, phenanthrene is a colorless crystal with luster, and phenanthrene precipitated from ethanol.

  • CAS 14996-61-3

    Iridium(III) chloride hydrate CAS 14996-61-3

    Properties of Iridium(III) chloride hydrate CAS 14996-61-3 Iridium(III) chloride hydrate is Green crystalline or brown powder, easy to absorb moisture, soluble in water and hydrochloric acid, and lose crystalline water by strong heat.

  •  CAS 86-73-7

    Fluorene CAS 86-73-7

    Fluorene CAS 86-73-7 synthetic insecticides, herbicides; manufacturing impact-resistant plexiglass and fluorene Aldehyde resin; used as wetting agent, detergent, liquid glitter, disinfectant, etc. It can be used as a raw material for organic synthesis.

  • CAS 112-63-0

    Methyl Linoleate CAS 112-63-0

    Brief introduction of Methyl Linoleate CAS 112-63-0 Chemical name: Methyl Linoleate CAS No.:112-63-0 Synonyms: cis,cis-octadeca-9,12-dienoicacidmethylester Molecular Formula: C19H34O2 Molecuar Weight: 294.47 EINECS: 203-993-0

  • CAS 17846-68-3

    Tributyltin azide CAS 17846-68-3

    Tributyltin azide CAS 17846-68-3 is colorless to light yellow liquid,melting point about 77.0-79.0℃. CAS No.:17846-68-3 Synonyms: Azidotributyltin Molecular Formula: C12H27N3Sn Molecuar Weight: 332.07

  • CAS 9012-36-6

    Agarose CAS 9012-36-6

    Agarose CAS 9012-36-6 is a white or yellow bead-like gel particle or powder, which is a linear polymer. It is generally heated to above 90℃ to dissolve in water, and a good semi-solid gel is formed when the temperature drops to 35-40℃. This is the main feature and basis for its multiple uses. The performance of agarose gel is usually expressed by gel strength. The higher the strength, the better the gel performance.

  • CAS 616-25-1

    1-Penten-3-ol CAS 616-25-1

    Brief introduction of 1-Penten-3-ol CAS 616-25-1 Chemical name: 1-Penten-3-ol CAS No.:616-25-1 Synonyms: alpha-Ethylallyl alcohol Molecular Formula: C5H10O Molecuar Weight: 86.13 EINECS:210-472-1