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  • CAS 87-32-1

    N-Acetyl-DL-tryptophan CAS 87-32-1

    Properties of N-Acetyl-DL-tryptophan CAS 87-32-1 N-Acetyl-DL-tryptophan is an endogenous metabolite. Amino acid derivatives.  CAS 87-32-1 Synonyms: Acetyltryptophan Ac-DL-Trp-OH Molecular Formula:C13H14N2O3 Molecuar Weight: 246.26 EINECS: 201-739-3

  • cas 19149-85-0

    Oleyl Laurate CAS 19149-85-0

    Oleyl Laurate CAS 19149-85-0 Oleyl dodecanoateis   Yellow transparent oily liquid with a grease odor appearance.Oleyl laurate can be used as a reactive diluent for bisphenol A epoxy resin. Low toxicity and easy to use. And can improve the performance of some resins after hardening, such as impact strength.

  • CAS 87-72-9

    L(+)-Arabinose CAS 87-72-9

    Properties of L(+)-Arabinose CAS 87-72-9, also known as gum aldose and pectinose; It's a glutaraldehyde sugar. In nature, L-arabinose rarely exists in the form of monosaccharide, usually combined with other monosaccharides, and exists in colloid, hemicellulose chemical book, pectinic acid.

  • CAS 74124-79-1

    N,N'-Disuccinimidyl carbonate CAS 74124-79-1

    Brief introduction of N,N'-Disuccinimidyl carbonate CAS 74124-79-1 Chemical name: N,N'-Disuccinimidyl carbonate CAS No.:74124-79-1 Synonyms: DSC Molecular Formula: C9H8N2O7 Molecuar Weight: 256.17 EINECS: 277-730-3

  • CAS 70187-32-5

    4-Methylmorpholine N-oxide monohydrate CAS 70187-32-5

    Properties of 4-Methylmorpholine N-oxide monohydrate CAS 70187-32-5 4-Methylmorpholine N-oxide monohydrate  is a heterocyclic tertiary amine oxide, which is widely used in pesticides, herbicides, metal rust inhibitors, fiber treatment and solvents .

  • CAS 10377-66-9

    Manganese Nitrate CAS 10377-66-9

    Manganese DiNitrate CAS 10377-66-9 Manganese Nitrate 50% Solution is light red or rose-colored transparent liquid appearance. Slightly acidic, miscible with water and alcohol. It is mainly used as a reagent for the determination of silver in microanalysis, but also used in the separation of rare earth elements and ceramic industry.  

  • CAS 112-38-9

    10-Undecenoic acid CAS 112-38-9

    10-Undecenoic acid CAS 112-38-9 is yellowish to yellow liquid that forms milky white crystalline masses when cooled. Have a special foul-smelling. It can be miscible with ethanol, chloroform, ether, fatty oil or volatile oil, and is almost insoluble in water. 

  • CAS 4180-23-8

    Anethole CAS 4180-23-8

    Anethole CAS 4180-23-8 Trans-Anethole is white to light yellow solid or colorless to light yellow liquid appearance. It is liquid when it is above 23℃. Soluble in ethanol and oil, slightly soluble in water, mixed in chloroform and ether, few insoluble in glycerin and propylene glycol. 

  • CAS 56329-42-1

    Zinc methionine sulfate CAS 56329-42-1

    Zinc Methionine/Zinc methionine sulfate CAS 56329-42-1 is white powder appearance. Insoluble in water and ethanol, soluble in dilute acids and alkali. It is a nutritional additive which can be widely used in feed and food industry.

  • CAS 62778-11-4

    Pyridine Hydrofluoride CAS 62778-11-4

    Pyridine Hydrofluoride CAS 62778-11-4 PyHF is colorless or light yellow liquid appearance. It can be used as an intermediate in laboratory research and development process and chemical and pharmaceutical synthesis process.