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N-Methyldidecylamine /Didecyl methylamine CAS:7396-58-9 suppliers
N-Methyldidecylamine /Didecyl methylamine CAS:7396-58-9
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Chemical Name: N-Methyldidecylamine


CAS NO.:7396-58-9

Properties: Colorless to liquid yellow clear liquid

Synonyms: Didecyl methylamine


Acid: 0.5%

KF: 0.2%

Residue of Ignition: 0.1%

Assay: 99%


N-Methyldidecylamine uses and applications include: Intermediate for manufacturing of quaternary ammonium compds. for biocides, textile chemicals, oil field chemicals, amine oxides, betaines; epoxy curing agent; in fabric softeners, disinfectants, laundry detergents; catalyst for urethane foams; ingredient for sanitizer for food-contact surfaces

Packing & Storage

160kg/plastic. Kept in cool, dry and ventilating place.

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      N-Methyldidecylamine /Didecyl methylamine CAS:7396-58-9
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