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HEDP·NA2 CAS 7417-83-7
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Appearance                              White crystalline powder

Active content                          74.0-79.0% as acid  & 89.0-95.0% as salt

Density (20°C)                         0.6-1.0g/cm3  

Iron(as Fe)                              35.0ppm max

Phosphorsic acid (as PO43-)      0.5%max

PH (1% solution)                      4.0-6.0


HEDP·Na2 is widely used in circulating cool water system ,medium and low pressure boiler,oil field water pipelines as scale and corrosion inhibition in fields such as electric power,chemical industry,metallurgy,fertilizer,ect..In light woven industry,HEDP·Na2 is used as detergent for metal and nonmetal.In dyeing industry ,HEDP·Na2 is used as peroxide stabilizer and dye-fixing agent;In non-cyanide electroplating,HEDP·Na2 is used as chelating anent.


250kg/drum, 20mt per 20'ft container

Storage & Handling

Store in a dry, cool, well-ventilated area away from heat ,open flames, organic chemicals, oxidants and light.

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      HEDP·NA2 CAS 7417-83-7
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