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DTPMP·NA2 & DTPMP·NA7 CAS 22042-96-2 suppliers
DTPMP·NA2 & DTPMP·NA7 CAS 22042-96-2
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Where to buy DTPMP·NA2 & DTPMP·NA7 CAS 22042-96-2 from China top DTPMP·NA2 & DTPMP·NA7 suppliers and manufacturers at best price? TNJ offers reasonable DTPMP·NA2 & DTPMP·NA7 and high quality. To buy DTPMP·NA2 & DTPMP·NA7 from TNJ Chemical is your best option. For more information, please feel free to contact [email protected]




Appearance                                            Dark red brown liquid 

Active component (as DTPMPA)                45.0-49.0% 

Total Phosphorus (as PO 4 3 -)                 38.0-40.0% 

Chloride (as Cl -)                                     ≤5.0% 

Fe (as Fe 2 +)                                         ≤20ppm 

PH (1% solution)                                     2.0-3.0 

Density (20 ℃)                                       1.37-1.47 g/cm3 



DTPMP·NaX is composed of different forms of sodium salt of DTPMP. DTPMP·NaX can be used as scale inhibitor, high-efficiency chelating agent, excellent BaSO4 scale inhibitor, widely used as cooling water treatment, peroxide bleaching stabilizer, washing aid. Agent, municipal industrial clean water, geothermal water treatment, oil field scale inhibition.  


250kg/drum, 20mt per 20'ft container 


Storage & Handling 

Store in a dry, cool, well-ventilated area away from heat ,open flames, organic chemicals, oxidants and light.

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      DTPMP·NA2 & DTPMP·NA7 CAS 22042-96-2
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