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Benzalkonium Bromide BKB 80% 98% 50% CAS 7281-04-1 suppliers
Benzalkonium Bromide BKB 80% 98% 50% CAS 7281-04-1
  • CAS No.:

  • Molecular Formula:

  • Quality Standard:

    80% 98% 50% 20%
  • Packing:

  • Mininmum Order:

    5 drums

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Buy Benzalkonium Bromide BKB 80% 98% 50% 20% CAS 7281-04-1, disinfection chemicals from TNJ Chemical, China leading Benzalkonium Bromide BKB suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you want to buy Benzalkonium Bromide BKB or buy Benzalkonium Chloride, please mail to [email protected]

Benzalkonium bromides are an important class of cationic surfactants. They are used as preservatives for ophthalmic, nasal and parenteral products and they are also used as a topical antiseptic and medical equipment disinfectant.


- 20% 

- 50% 

- 80% 

- 98% (yellow jelly under room temperature)


- It is used as disinfection for livestock, poultry housing, silkworm and bees raising sites.

- Used for disinfection of the skin, wound, appliance.It can kill the bacteria, especially for the gram-positive bacterium, mycoplasma, mold, etc.
- Aquaculture: Used in aquaculture water disinfection, bleeding prevention and control of aquatic animals ( fish, shrimp, crab, soft-shelled turtle, frog, etc. ) caused by a bacterial infection, rotten gill, ascites, enteritis, boils, rotten skin disease.


200kg/drum, or confirmed by clients. Storage for two year in room shady and dry place.

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      Benzalkonium Bromide BKB 80% 98% 50% CAS 7281-04-1
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