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Zinc Hydrosulfite CAS 7779-86-4
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    85% 88% 90%
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Buy Zinc Hydrosulfite CAS 7779-86-4, a chemical intermediate for Zinc Hydrosulfite from TNJ Chemical, China leading Zinc Hydrosulfite suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you want to buy Zinc Hydrosulfite or buy Sodium Hydrosulfite, please mail to [email protected]

Zinc Hydrosulfite CAS 7779-86-4 is white crystalline powder. It smells of sulfur dioxide. Soluble in water and ammonia.Decomposition in hot water. It has strong reducibility. It is easy to decompose in exposed air and release sulfur dioxide and lose reducing power.


Purity                    85% , 88%  or 90%


Used for bleaching wood, pulp, fabric, vegetable oil, hemp, animal glue, clay and kaolin.It is also used for the treatment of beet and sucrose solution.Mining industry as flotation agent


50kg per drum


Warehouse ventilation and low temperature drying; Store separately from oxidants and acids.

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      Zinc Hydrosulfite CAS 7779-86-4
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