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Ammonium Propionate CAS 17496-08-1

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Ammonium Propionate CAS 17496-08-1 is used as a food preservative, aslo called Propionic acid, ammonium salt.
It is White crystal,soluble in water, ethanol and acetic acid, melting Point 45°C (dec.)By the reaction of propionic acid and ammonia, has strong hygroscopicity, deliquescence in moist air.

Specification of Ammonium Propionate 

Appearance                      White powder
Assay, %                         ≥98.0
PH(1% Solution), %        7.0~10.0
Heavy metals as pb, %    ≤0.0005
Free acid, %                    ≤0.0005
As, %                              ≤0.0002
Not soluble, %                 ≤0.05

Applications of Ammonium propionate

a) The main purpose Used for anti-corrosion, fungicide.

b) Under the precondition of acid producing ionizing propionic acid, antimicrobial resistance.
    To prevent the formation of yellow aspergillus element have special effects, and almost is invalid for yeast.
    For all kinds of mold, gram-negative bacillus effect is good. The lower the pH anti-corrosion effect is better.
    For grain mildew proof and anticaking there


25kg per bag/drum

20.0mt per 20ft container without pallet, 18.0mt per 20ft container with pallets

Storage & Handling

Keep in a tightly closed container.

Store in a cool, dry, corrosion-proof, ventilated area away from moisture, sources of heat or ignition, combustibles and oxidizers. Protect against physical damage.

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      Ammonium Propionate CAS 17496-08-1
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