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Trometamol price suppliers
Trometamol price
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    USP38 EP7.0
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    25kg/fiber drum
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Product name   Trometamol
Synonyms  Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane
CAS No.  77-86-1
M.F.  C4H11NO3
M.W.  121.14
EINECS 201-064-4


White crystalline powder

Melting point of 167-172℃ (lit.)

The boiling point of 219-220℃10 mm Hg (lit.)

The density of 1353 g/cm3

Flash point, 219-220℃ / 10 mm

Solubility H2O: 4 M at 20 ℃, the clear and colorless


Appearance  White crystals
Content, % 99.50 ~101.0
Melting point, ℃  168.0 ~171.0
Insoluble substance, %  ≤ 0.03
Ash, %  ≤ 0.05
Heavy metals, ppm ≤ 5
Loss on drying ,%  ≤ 0.50
PH 10.0-11.5
Color ≤ 5#
Fe , ppm ≤ 5
SO42+, ppm ≤ 10
Cl, ppm  ≤ 3
Abs orption ( 260nm,20%water) ≤ 0.1


1. It is mainly used for pharmaceutical intermediates
2. Used as a biochemical reagents
3. The intermediate of fosfomycin, may also be vulcanization accelerator, cosmetics (cream, lotion), mineral oils,
paraffin wax emulsifying agent, biological buffer.


25kgs in fiber drum with 2 layers of inner plastic bag inside, and also can be packed according to clients' request.

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      Trometamol price
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