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CAS 872-50-4

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CAS 872-50-4 N-Methyl pyrrolidone is the key product of TNJ Chemical. We are the most professional company in China specialized in pyrrolidone products since from 2001, and also the main N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone factory supplier. If you want to buy N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone, please contact sales@tnjchem.com

N-Methyl pyrrolidone NMP CAS 872-50-4 is colorless and transparent liquid, with boiling point 202℃ and flash point 95℃, can dissolve in with boiling point 202℃ and flash point 95℃, can dissolve in with boiling point 202℃ and flash point 95℃, can dissolve in water and many solvents, such as acetaldehyde, ether, acetone, etc. N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone (NMP) is a powerful solvent with broad solubility for resins and high chemical and thermal stability. It is completely soluble with water at all temperatures and is soluble with most organic solvents.

      -- High solvent power
      -- Low volatility 
      -- Low odor 
      -- Readily biodegraded 
      -- Relatively non-toxic

Specification of N-Methylpyrrolidone NMP

 Item  Reagent grade  Electronic grade  Industrial grade
 Assay, %min.  99.9  99.9  99.5
 Color, Hazan max.  15  20  25
 Density, g/ml  1.032-1.035  1.032-1.035  1.032-1.035
 Water, % max.  0.01  0.02  
    * Please refer to Certificate of Analysis for specific date.

Application of N-Methylpyrrolidone NMP

N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone is an important chemical raw material, a polar solvent with good selectivity and  stability properties, low toxicity, high boiling point, strong solvency, non-inflammable, has many advantages, such as the biodegradation, reutilization, safety in use and suitable for many kinds of prescription,etc. Its main applications are as follows:

Oil industry:  oil refinery and concentration;
Polymerizing solvent  for the engineering plastics and aromatic fiber;
Electronic industry:  photoresist stripper,electric insulant, lithium ion battery;
Ink and paint industry:  High-class coating, printing ink, pigment etc;
Carrier solvent for Pesticide and agrochemical drugs.
Carrier solvent for Veterinary drugs;
Industrial cleanup:  de-oil,dewax,furnish,anti-rust,anti-gaffiti,depainting;

Iron drum:  (net weight 200kg),80 drums(16,000kg)/20"FCL 
Paint iron drum:   (net weight 200kg), 80 drums (16,000kg)/20"FCL 
HDPE drum:   (net weight 200kg), 80 drums (16,000kg)/20"FCL 
IBC drum:   (net weight 1000kg), 20 drums (20,000kg)/20"FCL 
ISO TANK:   (net weight 20MT), 20,000kg / 20"FCL 

Stored in cool and airy place; away from fire and heat; handle with care; no breakage, avoid leakage

It is valid for 3 years under proper condition.

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      CAS 872-50-4
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