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Oxalic acid price
Competitive Oxalic acid price
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Oxalic acid exists in white transparent crystal combining two crystal water, Melting Point: 101°C-102°C, Specific Gravity:1.653, easily sublimate at 100°C, easily dissolve in alcohol and water.


Appearance                                White crystal

Assay,%                                    ≥99.5 

Transparency of solution,%          ≤3 2

Insoluble in water,%                   ≤0.005

Residue on ignition(as SO4),%    ≤0.02 

Chloride,%                                ≤0.002 

Sulfate,%                                  ≤0.002

Total nitrogen,%                        ≤0.002 

Calcium,%                                 ≤0.003 

Iron,%                                      ≤0.0005

Heavy metals (as Pb),%             ≤0.0004 


Oxalic Acid is widely used as complexing,masking,precipitating and reducing agent.It can be used in rare earth extraction,textile printing and dyeing,leather processing,catalyst preparation and metal surface cleaning,and also can be used as pharmaceutical intermedaites.



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      Competitive Oxalic acid price
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