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Trimethylchlorosilane TMCS CAS 75-77-4
  • CAS No.:

  • Molecular Formula:

  • Quality Standard:

    99% min
  • Packing:

    170kg/iron drum
  • Mininmum Order:


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TNJ Chemical produces super quality Trimethylchlorosilane TMCS CAS 75-77-4 - 99.5%MIN assay, GMP SGS certification, USP BP EP FCC standard, Competitive price, online purchase support. To buy Trimethylchlorosilane TMCS CAS 75-77-4, please contact [email protected]


Trimethylchlorosilane TMCS is an excellent reagent for introducing trimethylsilyl groups into organic molecules and can be used as a protecting group for functional groups such as hydroxyl groups, carboxyl groups and amino groups. The reaction and removal of trimethylsilyl groups have high yields, mild conditions and wide application. They are widely used in organic synthesis.



Appearance                       Transparent Liquid

Content of TMCS, %           ≥99.00

Content of MTCS, %           ≤0.50


TMCS is used to produce a variety of organosilicon compounds. It is main raw materials for the production of hexamethyldisilazane (amine) and hexamethyldisiloxane.

TMCS is preparation of alkylating agent.

TMCS is synthesis of cephalosporin I and cephalosporin V in pharmaceutical production.

TMCS used as raw materials for high molecular compound capping agent, desiccant, dehydrating agent, high temperature adhesives and resins.



170kg per iron drum, 13.6mt per 20’ft without pallets.

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      Trimethylchlorosilane TMCS CAS 75-77-4
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