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Trimagnesium dicitrate
Trimagnesium dicitrate powder food /pharma grade from China

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Trimagnesium dicitrate powder CAS 3344-18-1 is also called magnesium citrate, white or yellowish powder, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and is formed by magnesium carbonate and citric acid. The magnesium content as high as eleven percent, and contains magnesium are easily absorbed by the body, so is an important source of magnesium supplementation. Used in the pharmaceutical industry.


Items:          Trimagnesium dicitrate /Trimagnesium dicitrate Nonahydrate

Standard:     BP2013/USP35/EP8.0

Pleaese refer to Certificat of Analysis for detailed specification


- Used as additive in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products.

- Used as nutritional supplement, pH regulator, stabilizer, buffer pharmaceutical additive.



25kg per bag

20mt per 20ft container with pallets. 22mt per 20ft container without pallets

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      Trimagnesium dicitrate powder food /pharma grade from China
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