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Tetrabutylammonium fluoride trihydrate suppliers, factory, manufacturers
Tetrabutylammonium fluoride trihydrate suppliers
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Name                       Tetrabutyl ammonium fluoride 

CAS                          87749-50-6 

Molecular formula      C16H42FNO3

Molecular weight        315.51



It is white to yellow waxy solid, Water of crystallization, hygroscopic, soluble in water, alcohol, chloroform, slightly soluble in benzene.Easy to absorb water; in general, it is sold in form of trihydrate TBAF or TBAF tetrahydrofuran solution.


Appearance         White or yellow liquid or cream

Assay                   99.0%Min (Including crystal water 3H20)

Water                  15%Max

Melting point        211~215℃


The selectivity of fluorination catalyst and synthesis of chemical agent, silane protecting group removal agent.
Such as halogen replacement reaction, redox reaction, alkylation of N-CABBEEN two chlorine in the presence of phase transfer catalyst in organic synthesis.

Packing and Storage

Keeping: 20KG or 200KG Plastic drum. 

Store in light, cool, dry and ventilated place.

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