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Aprotinin suppliers suppliers
Aprotinin suppliers
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    USP38 EP7.0
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    TNJ Chemical

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Aprotinin exists in white or yellowish powder. It is a polypeptide consisting of a chain of fifty-eight amino acids. It inhibits the activity of several proteolytic enzymes such as chymotrypsin, kallikrein, plasmin and trypsin. Aprotinin is present in blood and in most tissue with a high concentration in the lungs.



Characters                White or almost white crystalline powder
Assay (HPLC)            99.0--101.0%
Loss on Drying          Not more than 0.5% 0.16%
Residue on ignition   Not more than 0.2% 0.06%


- Used for the prevention and treatment of acute pancreatitis, hemorrhage caused by fibrinolysis, disseminated intravascular coagulation.

- Also for anti-shock treatment.

- After abdominal surgery, injected directly into the abdominal cavity can prevent postoperative intestinal adhesion.


100gram, 1kg/bag, or as per cutomer request

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