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SLES 70% suppliers suppliers
SLES 70% suppliers
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    170kg/HDPE drum
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SLES 70% Sodium lauryl ether sulfate CAS 68585-34-2 is a kind of anionic surfactant with excellent performance. It is easily dissolved in water and widely used in liquid detergent,such as dishware,shampoo,bubble bath and hand cleaner,ect. SLES can also be used in washing powder and detergent for heavy dirty.Using it to replace LAS, phosphate can be saved or reduced,and general dosage of active matter is reduced.In textile,printing and dyeing,oil and leather industries,dyeing agent,cleaner,foaming agent and degreasing agent.


Appearance                           White or light yellow Paste
Active Matter,%                     70.0±2
Unsulfated Matter,%              ≤3.50
Sodium Sulfate, %                 ≤1.50
PH (1% aq. solution)              6.5~9.5
Color (5% Am.aq.Sol.),Hazen  ≤30


- SLES is a kind of anionic surfactant with excellent performance. It has good cleaning, emulsifying, wetting, densifying and foaming performance, with good solvency, wide compatibility, strong resistance to hard water, high biodegradation, and low irritation to skin and eye. 

- SLES is widely used in liquid detergent, such as dishware, shampoo, bubble bath and hand cleaner, etc.

- SLES can also be used in washing powder and detergent for heavy dirty. Using SLES to replace LAS, phosphate can be saved or reduced, and general dosage of active matter is reduced. 

- In textile, printing and dyeing, oil and leather industries, it is the lubricant, dyeing agent, cleaner, foaming agent and degreasing agent.


170kg per plastic or iron drum,19.38 mt per 20ft container

160kg per plastic drum ,18.24mt per 20ft container

220kg per plastic drum,17.6mt per 20ft container

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      SLES 70% suppliers
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