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Tert-Butyl acetate 99.5% CAS 540-88-5
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Appearance                   Colorless transparent liquid

Density                         0.861~0.865

Tert-Butyl acetate          99.5%min.

Acidity (as acetic acid)    ≤0.05%

Moisture                       ≤0.05%

Hydrocarbons                ≤0.2%

Alcohols                        ≤0.2%

Evaporation residue       ≤0.002%



1. It can greatly improve compatibility of solvents such as nitrocellulose, acrylic resin, alkyd resin, polyester resin, and polyurethane resin, and etc.

2. It has synergistic effect with other solvents as oxygen-containing solvent.

3. As environmentally-friendly solvent, it can greatly reduce atmospheric photochemical reactivity, volatility at normal temperature, and content of harmful pollutants in the air.  


(1) Coating, ink, paint, and adhesive:

tert-Butyl acetateIt can take the place of VOC and HAP solvents in decoration, industrial coating, and in the formula of ink, pressure-sensitive adhesive, and adhesive.

It can take the place of toluene and other solvents in epoxy polyamide coating for excellent amine resistance.

(2) Pharmaceutical intermediate:

tert-Butyl acetate can be used in polypeptide synthesis, varespladib, atorvastatin intermediate, rosuvastatin intermediate, pitavastatin intermediate, and etc.

(3) Industrial cleaning agent:

It can be used in metal degreasing and other special equipment, such as aviation, aerospace, fine machinery, and etc.

(4) Electronic industry:

It can be used in semiconductor processing, in cleaning circuit board, removing oil and flux.

(5) Other:

Agricultural products; textile; gasoline shockproof additive; fuel, and etc.



170kg/drum, 80 drums per 20"FCL

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      Tert-Butyl acetate 99.5% CAS 540-88-5
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