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TALC powder CAS 14807-96-6
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Buy TALC powder CAS 14807-96-6, a chemical intermediate for TALC powder CAS 14807-96-6 from TNJ Chemical, China leading TALC suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you want to buy TALC, please mail to [email protected]

TALC CAS 14807-96-6 is a white or almost white fine powder with different particle sizes, and widely used in medicine,food, cosmetics,paper-making,plastics, ceramic,rubber, fireproof materials, coatings and national defense high sci-tech field,etc.



 Cosmetics Talc Powder

 Medicine-Food Talc Powder

 Painting Talc powder

 Papermaking Talc powder

 Plastic Talc powder

 Rubber Talc powder

 Cable Talc powder

 Ceramic Talc powder

 Water-resistant material Talc powder

 Micronized Talc powder


 Applied to all kinds of soothing powder,makeup powder,talcum powder etc. 

 Medical pills,sugarcoatings,prickly-heat powder,traditional Chinese medicine,food additives,isolating agent ect. 

 Applied to white pigments and all kinds of water base,oil base,resin industrial paintings,base coat,protecing coat etc.

  Applied to all kinds of filling agents of papers and paperboard,the control agent of wood pitch. 

 Applied to advanced vanish coat,plastics,cable rubber, cosmetics, Printing paper coat, textile lubricant etc.



25kg per bag,total 26MT~27MT per 20ft container without pallets

Safety & Storage & Handling

Stored in cool and airy place; away from fire and heat; handle with care;no breakage, avoid leakage.

* Please refer to MSDS for more information about Safety, Storage and Transportation.


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      TALC powder CAS 14807-96-6
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