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Sulfanilic acid suppliers, factory, manufacturers
Sulfanilic acid suppliers
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Sulfanilic acid is greyish-white crystals or powder, slightly dissolves in cold water, easily soluble in caustic soda solution and sodium carbonate solution, not soluble in such organic solvents as the ethanol and ether etc.

Melting point :        >300ºC
Density :                1.485
Storage temp.:      Store in dark
Water Solubility:    0.1 g/100 mL(20 ºC)

Specification of Sulfanilic acid 

Appearance                       Gray white powder           

Purity                               ≥99.0%                     
Aniline content                   ≤0.2%                      
Water insoluble                  ≤0.1%                       
Water content                   ≤0.5%                       

Sulfanilic acid Applications

Mainly used in the manufacture of dyes, printing and dyeing auxiliaries and the prevention and control of wheat rust and used as spices, edible pigment, medicine, whitening agent, pesticides and other intermediates.

1) It is one important dyes intermediates, it can be used in Acid orange ,Acid light yellow 2G,Acid intermediary yellowish brown 4G,Acid intermediary dark yellow GG, Direct yellow GR,Reactive yellow K-RN, Brilliant red K-2G, datish red K-DG and blue K-3R, etc.

2) It also can be used in production of dyes Whitening agent, such as solute salt B, optical brightener BG, optical brightener BBU, dyeing proof salt H, etc.

3) It is also used in agriculture pesticide to proof wheat rust.

4) It is also one ideal intermediary in spices, food pigment, medicine, building materials, etc.


25kgs per pp woven bag

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      Sulfanilic acid suppliers
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