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Soy Peptone
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    25kg/fiber drum
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  • Technical Data Sheet: TDS Peptone.pdf

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Soy peptone is a kind of enzymic hydrolyzed GMO-Free Soy Protein that gives comparable growth promoting properties. It is excellent source of vitamins and high quality nitrogen that widely used in culture media for cultivation and other purposes. Soy peptone is a highly soluble, multi-purpose, enzymatic hydrolysate of soy meal that supports the growth of a large range of microorganisms. It is a cost effective peptone for use in many fermentation media. It has successfully been used for pharmaceutical bio-actives and vaccines production with E.coli and Yeast based systems.


Total nitrogen                         ≥12%

Amino acid nitrogen                ≥4.0%
Peptone content                     ≥80%
Tryptophan                             ≥0.8%
Ash                                         ≤8.0%
pH                                           6-7 (2% water solutiion)

Loss                                        ≤6.0% on drying


Soy peptone is a papaic digest of defatted soybean meal. It is used in culture media for the cultivation of a wide variety of microorganisms including bacteria and fungi. It is an excellent source of vitamins and carbohydrates. The raw material to produce this soy peptone is guaranteed to be GMO-Free and Animal-Free (eliminates TSE/BSE issues). It is recommended for use in microbiological, tissue culture and fermentation media.

It is recommended for use as a culture media ingredient in variety of media as well as for commercial production of enzymes, vaccines, antibiotics and other products. It can successfully replace animal origin peptone in all culture media.


25kg per fiber drum

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      Soy Peptone
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