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L-Arginine hydrochloride CAS 1119-34-2 suppliers
L-Arginine hydrochloride CAS 1119-34-2
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    Food grade, Medical grade
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    25kg/paper drum or carton
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Product name     L-Arginine hydrochloride/HCL          
CAS No.             1119-34-2
EINECS              214-275-1
M.F.                   C6H15ClN4O2
M.W.                  210.66


White crystal powder,odorless.will be melting and decomposition at about 235 ℃,it is stable in dry condition.Soluble in water (90%, 25 ℃),slight solute in hot ethanol,not soluble in ether.

Specification (AJI92,USP26,EP5)

Appearance               White crystal powder

Melting point, ℃         226-230 °C(lit.)
density                      1.42
storage temp.            2-8°C
Solubility in water      751 g/L


1) Gastric acid depressant

2) An essential amino acid for human development.
3) Precursor for nitric oxide. Ammonia detoxicant (hepatic failure)
4) Diagnostic aid (pituitary function).




Placed in sealed container and kept in a cool and dry place.

Avoid high temperature, smoke and fire.
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      L-Arginine hydrochloride CAS 1119-34-2
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