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Sodium Ligninsulfonate CAS 8061-51-6
  • CAS No.:

  • Molecular Formula:

  • Quality Standard:

    99.5% min
  • Packing:

    25 KG in PP woven bag
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Sodium lignosulfonate is a kind of natural high-molecular polymer, it has good and different extent dispersibility owing to different molecular weight and functional group, it’s a kind of surface active material, also can fix on the surface of various solid particle, make interaction with every metal ion. It can also make condensation function and hydrogen-bond interaction with other chemical compound because of the exist of different active group in their organization structure.


Appearance: Yellow Brown Powder
PH Value: 7-11
Lignin Content: 45-60%
Water insoluble: 0.5-1.5%

Moisture Content: 5-7%


Used in  pesticide / concrete / petroleum drilling / ceramic.

1.Refractory materials, ceramic dispersed, bonding, water-reducing enhancer, improve yield 70% - 90%.
2.Used in geology, oil field, the consolidation of wall and oil drilling plugging agent.
3.Wettable pesticides fillers and emulsifying agent; Binder of fertilizer granulation ,feed grain binder.
4.Concrete water reducer, suitable for the projects such as culverts, dams, reserviors, airports and highway etc.
5.In boiler as disincrustant, recyling water quality stabilizer.
6.Sediment control agent, sand-fixing agent.
7.Used in electroplating, electroysis, can make plating coat equality, non-tree patterns.
8. In tanning industry as tanning aids.
9.Used as a choosing ore flotation agent and ore powder smelting bonder.
10.Coal water slurry additives.
11.Long-acting slow-release nitrogen fertilizer agents, highly active slow-release compound fertilizer improved additive agent.
12.Reduced dyes, dispersing dyes fillers, dispersing agents, acid dyes diluents.

13.For lead-acid batteries and alkaline battery cathode anti-shrinking agent, improve the battery low-temperature urgent discharge and usage life.


25 Kg / bag 

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      Sodium Ligninsulfonate CAS 8061-51-6
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