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Sodium hypophosphite price suppliers
Sodium hypophosphite price
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    25 kg/bag
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    1 FCL

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Sodium hypophosphite, also known as sodium phosphinate) is the sodium salt of hypophosphorous acid and is often encountered as the monohydrate, NaPO2H2·H2O. It is a solid at room temperature, appearing as odorless white crystals. It is soluble in water, and easily absorbs moisture from the air.


Apperance White crystalline power no clumps

pH 6.0~7.5
NaH2PO2.H2O,% ≥103.0
Na2HPO3,% ≤0.3
Chloride,PPM ≤30
Sulfates,PPM ≤30
Fe,PPM ≤1
Pb,PPM ≤1
As,PPM ≤1
Ca,PPM  ≤30
Cu,PPM ≤1
Cd,PPM ≤0.1
Zn,PPM ≤0.1
Total heavy metal,PPM ≤5


Sodium hypophosphite is mainly used for electroless nickel plating (Ni-P). With this method, a durable nickel-phosphorus film can coat objects with irregular surfaces, such as in avionics, aviation and the petroleum field.

Sodium hypophosphite is capable of reducing nickel ions in solution to metallic nickel on metal substrates as well as on plastic substrates. The latter requires that the substrate is activated with fine particles of palladium. The resulting nickel deposit contains up to 15% phosphorus.

It can be used as a food additive.

Packing & storage 

25 kg/bag, 20 MT=1 FCL with pallets

Stored in light, air, and high temperature avoid.

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      Sodium hypophosphite price
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