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Sodium carboxyl methyl starch price suppliers
Sodium carboxyl methylstarch price
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    25 kg/bag
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Sodium carboxyl methylstarch (CAS No 9063-38-1) is a sodium salt of a carboxymethyl derivative of starch, white or yellowish powder, no smell, insoluble in methanol, ethanol or aether.


Appearance                                    white or yellowish powder

Sodium content,%                          more than 2.0

PH value in1% water solution          6.5-8.5

Nacl %                                          less than 3.0

Pb%                                              less than 0.002

Fe%                                              less than 0.03

As%                                              less than 0.0002

Loss on drying%                            less than 10


Sodium starch glycolate is widely used in oral pharmaceuticals as a disintegrant in capsule and tablet formulations. It is recommended to use in tablets prepared by either directcompression or wet-granulation processes.



25 kg/bag

Stored in cool and dry place. Keep away from strong heat and light.

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      Sodium carboxyl methylstarch price
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