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Selenious acid price suppliers
Selenious acid price
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Part name: Selenious acid

CAS No:  7783-00-8
M.F.:  H2O3Se
M.W :  128.97

Colorless or white six square prismatic crystal. Deliquescence. The loss of one molecule of water at 100 DEG C produces two selenium. Sublimate. Capable of being oxidized to selenium by strong oxidizing agents such as ozone, hydrogen peroxide and chlorine gas. It can be reduced to selenium by most reducing agents such as iodic acid, sulfurous acid, sodium hypophosphite, hydroxylamine salt, hydrazine salt, hypophosphite and phosphite. Soluble in water and ethanol, insoluble in ammonia water. Relative density (d154) 3.004. Melting point 70 DEG C (decomposition). Toxic, median lethal dose (mice, veins) 11mG/kG.


Index name                        Spec
Appearance                        Six square crystal
Melting point,ºC                  70
proportion                           3.59-3.59g/cm3
relative density                   8.0066g/cm3


Alkaloid reagent. Reducing agent. Determination of titanium, zirconium and hydrogen fluoride. Spectral analysis. Oxidizing agent


25KG/Fiber drum


Sealed packing, and stored in dry and ventilated place, with edible chemicals, acids, easy (combustible) materials, storage. Attention to individual protection, no direct contact with the body. Skin (eye) contact, rinse with running water.

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      Selenious acid price
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