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Sec-Butyl Acetate CAS 105-46-4
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Colorless, inflammable, fruity odor, lower toxicity. The main features are similar with the other three same minute isomers and could dissolve many kinds of resin and other organic matter, The boiling point is a little bit lower than NBAC and the evaporation speed is a little faster.


Appearance                   Colorless, transparent

Color (Pt-Co)                   10 max

SBAC Content, w%          99 min

Acidity (HCl), w%          0.01 max

Water, w%                            0.1 max

Evaporation residue, w% 0.001 max

Density(20DEG), kg/m3 866-872

Distillation range, v%         < 10 (< 110DEG)

                                       > 90 (< 118DEG)

Non-volatile matter         < 0.001


Mainly used as solvents instead of NBAC in Paint industry; Acetic acid dehydration system, like PTA and Acrylic Acid; Pharmacy penicillin industry; Petroleum industry; Cosmetic industry; etc.


170kg/drum, 80 drums per 20"FCL.

DG Class: 3.2 UN No.: 1123

Store in a cool, dry and ventilated area. Do not expose to heat.
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      Sec-Butyl Acetate CAS 105-46-4
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