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Pyrocatechol suppliers, factory, manufacturers
Pyrocatechol suppliers
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Pyrocatechol CAS 120-80-9 is light Gray to light brown flaky grain; Molecular weight110.11; Specific gravity:1.37; Molar heat capacity:0.14kj/mol.k; Melting point:104~105℃; Boiling point: 246℃; Flash point:127℃(open); Can dissolve in water, ethanol, ether, benzene, chloroform, pyridine, liquid alkali. Pyrocatechol is poisonous, can distil, flammable, easy to oxidize into chocolate brown when expose in the air.

Appearance                    Light Gray to light brown flaky grain
Content, %                    ≥99.0
Melting point,℃              104~106
Ash content, %              ≤0.04


1. Pyrocatechol is used as the rubber hardener, electroplate additive, skin antiseptic bactericide, hair dye, photographic developer, color photograph antioxidant, fur dye developer, crusting agent for paint and varnish;

2. Pyrocatechol is the important raw material for synthetic resin, tannic acid, Furadan, Baygon insecticides, berberine, adrenaline, vanillin, safrole,etc.


Packed in polypropylene composite packaging bag, 25Kg net weight per bag


Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated warehouse. Away from fire, heat. Relative humidity in the warehouse.

Please refer to the Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the handling methods.

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      Pyrocatechol suppliers
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