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  • good price CAS 26401-27-4

    Isooctyl diphenyl phosphite CAS 26401-27-4

    Brief introduction of Isooctyl diphenyl phosphite CAS 26401-27-4 Chemical name: Isooctyl diphenyl phosphite CAS No.:26401-27-4 Synonyms: DPIOP Molecular Formula: C20H27O3P Molecuar Weight: 346.400341 EINECS: 247-658-7

  • good price 4-Bromostyrene CAS 2039-82-9

    4-Bromostyrene CAS 2039-82-9

    Chemical name: 4-Bromostyrene CAS No.:2039-82-9 Synonyms: Benzene, 1-bromo-4-ethenyl- Molecular Formula: C8H7Br Molecuar Weight: 183.05 EINECS: 218-022-6 Used to synthesize nitroolefins efficiently through olefin cross metathesis reaction

  • good price Cyclopentadecanolide CAS 106-02-5

    Cyclopentadecanolide CAS 106-02-5

    Properties of Cyclopentadecanolide CAS 106-02-5 Cyclopentadecanolide is colorless liquid. It is soluble in 80% ethanol or 90% ethanol and oily flavors with the same volume. The flash point is >110℃. It has a delicate musky-like animal scent, sweet, strong, and powerful.

  • factory price 1-Naphthoic acid CAS 86-55-5

    1-Naphthoic acid CAS 86-55-5

    Chemical name: 1-Naphthoic acid CAS No.:86-55-5 Synonyms: Alpha-Naphthoic acid Molecular Formula: C11H8O2 Molecuar Weight: 172.18 EINECS: 201-681-9 Properties of 1-Naphthoic acid CAS 86-55-5 1-Naphthoic acid is needle crystals. Slightly soluble in hot water, soluble in ethanol, ether and chloroform.

  • good price Aluminum nitrate CAS 13473-90-0

    Aluminum nitrate CAS 13473-90-0

    Properties of Aluminum nitrate CAS 13473-90-0 Aluminum nitrate is easily soluble in water, ethanol, acetone, and acid, and the aqueous solution is acidic. Preparation method: Dissolve aluminum or aluminum hydroxide in nitric acid with a relative density of 1.42, concentrate the solution, and obtain it after cooling. Anhydrous white to light yellow crystals. Easily deliquescence, unstable, and sublimable. 

  • good price Triglycerol CAS 56090-54-1

    Triglycerol CAS 56090-54-1

    Chemical name: Triglycerol CAS No.:56090-54-1 Synonyms: polyglycerin-3 Molecular Formula: C9H20O7 Molecuar Weight: 240.2509 EINECS: 259-986-8 Properties of Triglycerol CAS 56090-54-1

  • factory price Phenol Red CAS 143-74-8

    Phenol Red CAS 143-74-8

    Properties of Phenol Red CAS 143-74-8 Phenol red is a deep red crystalline powder with a molecular weight of 354.38 and a CAS number of 143-74-8. It is soluble in water, alcohol and acetone, but almost insoluble in ether and chloroform. It is dark red when dissolved in alkali hydroxide or carbonate solution.

  • china price Laminarin 9008-22-4

    laminaran beta glucan CAS 9008-22-4

    Brief introduction of BETA-GLUCAN CAS 9008-22-4 Synonyms:PARAMYLON Molecular Formula:C18H30O14X2 Molecuar Weight:470.42 EINECS:232-712-4 Properties of laminaran beta glucan CAS 9008-22-4 Physical properties: The dry product of crude polysaccharide is yellow-brown blocky solid with a sea smell.

  • good price Polydatin CAS 27208-80-6

    Polydatin CAS 27208-80-6

    Chemical name: Polydatin  CAS No.:27208-80-6 Molecular Formula:C20H22O8 Molecuar Weight:390.39 Properties of Polydatin CAS 27208-80-6 Polydatin is White needle-like crystalline powder. Easily soluble in methanol and ethanol, slightly soluble in water and ethyl acetate.

  • Factory price Ethyl caprate CAS 110-38-3

    Ethyl caprate CAS 110-38-3

    Ethyl caprate CAS 110-38-3 has a coconut-flavored aroma and is mainly used in the preparation of food flavors. Similar to this product, aliphatic ethyl carboxylates, such as ethyl caprylate, ethyl nonanoate, and ethyl laurate, are also used as spices.