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  • good price Octyl Tin Mercaptide CAS 26401-97-8

    OTM Octyl Tin Mercaptide CAS 26401-97-8

    Brief introduction of OTM Octyl Tin Mercaptide CAS 26401-97-8 Chemical name: diisooctyl 2,2'-[(dioctylstannylene)bis(thio)]diacetate CAS No.26401-97-8 Molecular Formula: C36H72O4S2Sn EINECS: 247-666-0

  • factory price Jasmonic acid CAS 3572-66-5

    Jasmonic acid CAS 3572-66-5

    Jasmonic acid CAS 3572-66-5 is an endogenous growth regulator that exists in higher plants. Jasmonic acid and its methyl esters are derivatives of a class of fatty acids. Research results show that JA has many similar physiological effects on plants.

  • factory price Bifida Ferment Lysate CAS 96507-89-0

    Bifida Ferment Lysate CAS 96507-89-0

    Chemical name: Bifidobacteriumlongumlysate CAS No.96507-89-0 EINECS: 306-168-4 Bifida Ferment Lysate has strong anti-immunosuppressive activity and can promote DNA repair.

  • factory price Titanium aluminum carbide CAS 196506-01-1

    Titanium aluminum carbide CAS 196506-01-1

    Packing, Delivery and Storage of Titanium aluminum carbide CAS 196506-01-1 Package: 25kg /bag or fiber drum, or as per customer request. Storage conditions: store in a cool and dry place.

  • factory price CAS 5446-18-4

    2,4-Dichlorophenylhydrazine hydrochloride CAS 5446-18-4

    Chemical name: 2,4-Dichlorophenylhydrazine hydrochloride CAS No.:5446-18-4 Molecular Formula: C6H7Cl3N2 Molecuar Weight: 213.49 EINECS: 226-659-6 is white or pink crystals. Melting point: 220-222°C (decomposition), soluble in water.

  • good price of CAS 57227-09-5

    N-Benzoyl-DL-tyrosil-N',N'-dipropylamide CAS 57227-09-5

    Properties of N-Benzoyl-DL-tyrosil-N',N'-dipropylamide CAS 57227-09-5 Chemical Name:- often used to Pharmaceutical intermediates Molecular Formula: C22H28N2O3 Molecular Weight: 368.47 Appearance: white powder Assay:99.5%min

  • good price Thiabendazole CAS 112281-77-3

    Thiabendazole CAS 112281-77-3

    Properties of Thiabendazole CAS  112281-77-3 Chemical Name: - often used organic intermediate  Molecular Fomula:C13H11Cl2F4N3O Molecular weight: 372.15 Appearance: yellow liquid Assay:99%min

  • good price CAS 29091-09-6

    2,4-Dichloro-3,5-dinitrobenzotrifluoride CAS 29091-09-6

    Properties of 2,4-Dichloro-3,5-dinitrobenzotrifluoride CAS 29091-09-6 Chemical name: - Molecular Formula: C7HCl2F3N2O4 Molecular Weight: 305.00 used as an intermediate in pesticide, medicine and organic synthesis . EINECS: 249-420-8 Density: 1.788 Melting point: 76-78 ºC Boiling point: 314.7 °C at 760 mmHg Flash point: 144.1 °C

  • Where to buy 1,4-Dibromobutane CAS 110-52-1 in China

    1,4-Dibromobutane CAS 110-52-1

    Properties of 1,4-Dibromobutane CAS 110-52-1 Colorless or yellowish liquid. Melting point: - 16.53 ℃ (- 20 ℃), boiling point 197-198 ℃ (1.46kpa), 76 ℃ (1.47chemicalbookkpa), relative density 1.7890 (20 / 4 ℃), refractive index 1.5190 and flash point 54 ℃. Soluble in chloroform, alcohol and ether, insoluble in water.

  • factory price 2,4-Dimethylpyrrole CAS 625-82-1

    2,4-Dimethylpyrrole CAS 625-82-1

    2,4-Dimethylpyrrole CAS No. 625-82-1 is colorless or light yellow liquid and can be used as a pharmaceutical intermediate. Chemical name: 2,4-DimethylpyrroleCAS No. 625-82-1 Molecular Formula: C6H9N Molecuar Weight: 95.14 EINECS: 210-912-2