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  • Buy good price of Colorformer Yellow CK-37 CAS 144190-25-0

    Colorformer Yellow CK-37 CAS 144190-25-0

    Brief introduction of Colorformer Yellow CK-37 CAS 144190-25-0 Chemical name: Colorformer Yellow CK-37 CAS 144190-25-0 Synonyms: CK-37;ColorformerYellowCK-37;Copikem37;Copikem37Yellow;CopikemYellow37; Molecular Formula: C33H38N2O Molecuar Weight: 78.67 EINECS: /

  • Good price from Docosanamide CAS 3061-75-4

    Docosanamide CAS 3061-75-4

    Brief introduction of Docosanamide CAS 3061-75-4 Chemical name: Docosanamide CAS: 3061-75-4 Synonyms: DOCOSANAMIDE;AMIDE C22;Docosanamid;Amide  C22,  Docosanamide;BEHENAMIDE 75.0+% GC;Aqueous Dispersion of Behenamide;BEHENAMIDE;BEHENIC AMIDE Molecular Formula: C22H45NO Molecuar Weight: 339.6 EINECS: 221-304-1

  • Factory supplier of 3,3-Dimethylmorpholine CAS 59229-63-9

    3,3-Dimethylmorpholine CAS 59229-63-9

    Brief introduction of 3,3-Dimethylmorpholine CAS 59229-63-9 Chemical name: 3,3-Dimethylmorpholine CAS: 59229-63-9 Synonyms: 3,3-Dimethylmorpholine;3,3-Dimethylmorpholine HCl;morpholine, 3,3-dimethyl-;ethyl 6-broMo-1H-indole-3-carboxylate Molecular Formula: C6H13NO Molecuar Weight: 115.17 EINECS: / Properties of 3,3-Dimethylmorpholine CAS 59229-63-9

  • Best price of Phenylsulfenylchloride CAS 931-59-9

    Phenylsulfenylchloride CAS 931-59-9

    Brief introduction of Phenylsulfenylchloride CAS 931-59-9 Chemical name: Phenylsulfenylchloride CAS: 931-59-9 Synonyms: Phenylsulfenylchloride;BENZENESULFENYL CHLORIDE;BenzeneSulfenic acid chloride;Phenylchloro sulfide;Phenylthio chloride;Phenylsulphenyl chloride;phenyl hypochlorothioite;(Chlorosulfanyl)benzene Molecular Formula: C6H5ClS Molecuar Weight: 144.62 EINECS: 632-987-4

  • buy 1,4-Butanesultone CAS 1633-83-6 good price

    1,4-Butane sultone CAS 1633-83-6

    Brief introduction of 1,4-Butane sultone CAS 1633-83-6 Chemical name:  1,4-Butane sultone CAS No.:1633-83-6 Synonyms: 1,4-Butane sultone Molecular Formula: C4H8O3S Molecuar Weight: 136.17 EINECS:216-647-9 Properties of 1,4-Butane sultone CAS 1633-83-6

  • Good price of 4,4'-Bis(chlorosulfonyl)diphenyl ether CAS 121-63-1

    4,4'-Bis(chlorosulfonyl)diphenyl ether CAS 121-63-1

    Brief introduction of 4,4'-Bis(chlorosulfonyl)diphenyl ether CAS 121-63-1 Synonyms: 4,4’-oxybis-benzenesulfonylchlorid;4,4’-oxydi-benzenesulfonylchlorid;4,4’-oxydibenzenesulfonylchloride;oxybis(benzenesulfonylchloride);p,pChemicalbook’-oxybis(benzenesulfonylchloride);P,P-Oxybisbenzenesulfonylchloride; Molecular Formula: C12H8Cl2O5S2 Molecuar Weight: 367.22 EINECS: 204-488-8

  • Good price of Methyl benzenesulfonate CAS 80-18-2

    Methyl benzenesulfonate CAS 80-18-2

    Brief introduction of Methyl benzenesulfonate CAS 80-18-2 Chemical name: Methyl benzenesulfonate CAS: 80-18-2 Synonyms: METHYL BENZENESULFONATE;METHYL BENZENESULPHONATE;BENZENESULFONIC ACID METHYL ESTER Molecular Formula: C7H8O3S Molecuar Weight: 172.2 EINECS: 201-256-8

  • good price of Chromotropic acid disodium salt dihydrate CAS 5808-22-0

    Chromotropic acid disodium salt dihydrate CAS 5808-22-0

    Brief introduction of Chromotropic acid disodium salt dihydrate CAS 5808-22-0 Chemical name:  Chromotropic acid disodium salt dihydrate CAS No.:5808-22-0 Synonyms: Chromotropic acid disodium salt dihydrate Molecular Formula: C10H10Na2O10S2 Molecuar Weight: 400.29 EINECS:611-619-6

  • good price of tetraphenylphosphonium phenolate CAS 15464-47-8

    Tetraphenylphosphonium phenolate CAS 15464-47-8

    Brief introduction of tetraphenylphosphonium phenolate CAS 15464-47-8 Chemical name: tetraphenylphosphonium phenolate CAS: 15464-47-8 Synonyms: (3-Hydroxypropyl)benzene Molecular Formula: C30H25OP Molecuar Weight: 432.49 EINECS: 239-480-3

  • Best price of CAS 229334-55-8

    (S)-2,4-dichloro-a-(chloromethyl)-benzenemethanol CAS 229334-55-8

    Brief introduction of (S)-2,4-dichloro-a-(chloromethyl)-benzenemethanol CAS 229334-55-8 Chemical name: (S)-2,4-dichloro-a-(chloromethyl)-benzenemethanol CAS No.:229334-55-8 Synonyms: (S)-2,4-dichloro-a-(chloromethyl)-benzenemethanol Molecular Formula: C9H9Cl3O3S Molecuar Weight: 303.59 EINECS: ---