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  • buy Eucalyptus oil CAS 84625-32-1

    Eucalyptus oil CAS 84625-32-1

    100% natural Eucalyptus essential oil 70% 80% CAS 84625-32-1 is colorless or light yellow oil liquid, with characteristic odor of eucalyptol aroma. Eucalyptus oil is obtained from fresh leaves of the tall evergreen eucalyptus tree. Eucalyptus oils in the trade are categorized into three broad types according to their composition and main end-use: medicinal, perfumery and industrial.

  • 112-36-7;Diethylene Glycol Diethyl Ether

    Diethylene Glycol Diethyl Ether DGDE CAS 112-36-7

    Diethylene Glycol Diethyl Ether (DGDE) CAS 112-36-7 is colourless liquid. Freezing point 44.3 ℃, boiling point 188 ℃, relative density 0.907 (20/4 ℃), refractive index of 1.4115. Flash point 54 ℃. Miscibility with most of the alcohols, ketones, ethers, halogenated hydrocarbon, can miscibility with water at room temperature.

  • Lanolin anhydrous 8006-54-0

    Lanolin anhydrous CAS 8006-54-0

    Lanolin anhydrous CAS 8006-54-0 is produced from the refining of wool grease which is naturally renewable and is obtained from the shorn wool of live sheep during the wool washing process. Lanolin is slight yellow ointment,melting point 38-44oC. Lanolin conforms to the USP BP standard for cosmetic and pharmaceutical use. And for lanolin cosmetic and pharma use,it is better to use odorless lanolin.

  • DL-Menthol crystals CAS 89-78-1

    Menthol crystals CAS 89-78-1

    Menthol or L-menthol (CAS 89-78-1 or 2216-51-5) is long needle-like crystals. Menthol is slightly soluble in water, easily soluble in ethanol, ethyl ester, acetone and chloroform. Menthol is stored in normal temperature, and melting point is from 38 to 44 centigrade degree.

  • Acrylic Acid CAS 79-10-7 suppliers

    Acrylic Acid CAS 79-10-7

    Acrylic acid CAS 79-10-7 is colorless transparent liquid with stimulating odor. Soluble in water, ethanol and ether. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, strong bases, amines. Contact with oxidizers may cause fire. Light and air sensitive. Hygroscopic.

  • Acrolein CAS 107-02-8 suppliers

    Acrolein CAS 107-02-8

    Acrolein CAS 107-02-8 is mainly used in producing insecticide and imidacloprid in pesticide industry, dibromopropanal in pharmaceutical industry, feed additive methionine. Acrolein can be used in acrylic coating; Acrolein can be mainly used as oilfield water injection fungicides to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

  • Arachidonic acid CAS 506-32-1 suppliers

    Arachidonic acid CAS 506-32-1

    Where to Buy Arachidonic acid 40% CAS 506-32-1 from TNJ Chemical, China leading Arachidonic acid 40% suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you want to buy Arachidonic acid 40%, please mail to sales@tnjchem.com

  • Bees wax 8006-40-4

    Pure Natural Bees wax

    Bees wax CAS 8006-40-4 is white or yellow big lump or crystal. Its main ingredients are: acids, free fatty acids, free fatty alcohols and carbohydrates. Bees wax can be divided into Crude beeswax, Yellow beeswax refined, White beeswax refined, Yellow beeswax pellets, White beeswax pellets.

  • Glyoxylic acid 40% 50% CAS 298-12-4 suppliers

    Glyoxylic acid 40% 50% CAS 298-12-4

    Glyoxylic acid 50% CAS 298-12-4 is colorless or light yellow liquid, can be dissolved with water, slightly soluble in ethanol, aether, insoluble in esters, aromatic solvents. It is used as a basic organic chemical industry and is an important chemical intermediates which can be used to produce ethyl vanillin and allantoin etc.

  • Veratric acid CAS 93-07-2 suppliers

    Veratric acid CAS 93-07-2

    Where to Buy Veratric acid CAS 93-07-2 from TNJ Chemical, China leading Veratric acid suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you want to find CAS 93-07-2 Veratric acid price, please mail to sales@tnjchem.com