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Potassium thiosulfate CAS 10294-66-3
Potassium thiosulfate 97% powder/50% liquid
  • CAS No.:

  • Molecular Formula:

  • Quality Standard:

    97% 50%
  • Packing:

    25kg/bag or 200kg/drum
  • Mininmum Order:


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Potassium thiosulfate is white loose powder or crystals. Relative density of 1.178. Stable in the air, no moisture absorption. The decomposition of soluble in water and slowly release hydrogen. Potassium thiosulfate soluble in liquid ammonia, slightly soluble in methanol and ethanol, almost insoluble in ethyl ether, benzene, tetrahydrofuran and methyl ether and other hydrocarbons. Potassium thiosulfate stable in alkaline conditions, the decomposition of inorganic acid and release hydrogen. In a vacuum of about 500 °C.


Solid Potassium thiosulfate Specification 

Appearance              White crystalline powder

Loss on drying              0.30% MAX 

Assay(Titration)              97.0% min

Mg                                5ppm MAX

Fe                               10ppm MAX  

Liquid Potassium thiosulfate Specification 

K2S2O3                      ≥50g/100g

K2O content             ≥25g/100g

S content                      ≤ 17g/100g

Sulphate(SO4)             ≤ 2g/100g

Density(20oC)             ≤ 0.5kg/l

pH-value(10%)            3.8-4.8

Sulfur                     ≤ 10g/100g

Fe                              ≤ 200mg/kg

Appearance            Colourless or light yellow transparent liquid


1) Pharmaceutical Industry  

Potassium thiosulfate used in pharmaceutical, fiber modifier

2)Other Industries

Potassium thiosulfate used for organic selective reduction reaction of the groups; Used as aldehydes, ketones and acyl chloride type of reducing agent, organic functional groups can be RCHO, RCOR, RCOCl reduction for RCH2, CHR2, HOHR, RCH2OH, etc; Also used in analytical chemistry, paper-making industry, treatment of wastewater containing mercury and synthetic fiber and potassium.


Solid: 25kg/bag

Liquid:  200kg/drum, or as per customer request.

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      Potassium thiosulfate 97% powder/50% liquid
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