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Potassium pyrophosphate TKPP CAS 7320-34-5
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Buy Potassium pyrophosphate TKPP CAS 7320-34-5, a chemical intermediate for Potassium pyrophosphate from TNJ Chemical, China leading Potassium pyrophosphate suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you want to buy Potassium pyrophosphate, please mail to [email protected]


Potassium pyrophosphate refers to the potassium salt of pyrophosphate.The main purpose is to replace potassium cyanide for cyanide-free plating.



Appearance                    White powder 

Purity, %                         ≥96

Fe   %                            ≤0.01

As, %                             ≤0.001

PH                                  10.0-11.0

Cl, %                              ≤0.1


It is also used in the industry for surface treatment, high-grade detergents, paints, detergents, dispersants, buffering agents, etc .; the food industry is used as emulsifiers, tissue improvers, chelating agents, quality improvers, etc.


25kg per bag 


Store in dry and clean warehouse with good ventilation. Keep away from fire, heat source and direct sunlight, do not mix with inflammable or combustible, reducing agent. Be careful to keep away from moisture and raine.

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      Potassium pyrophosphate TKPP CAS 7320-34-5
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