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Polyvinyl alcohol price suppliers
Polyvinyl alcohol price
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    C2H3 *
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    Technical grade
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Get reasonable Polyvinyl alcohol price from TNJ Chemical, top China Polyvinyl alcohol price suppliers,factory & manufacturers. We guarantee good price of Polyvinyl alcohol with high quality. If you want to buy Polyvinyl alcohol, please feel free to contact sales@tnjchem.com 

Polyvinyl alcohol is a resin with Avirulent insipidity, no pollution, can dissolve in the 80-90C water.

-Solution has good adhesion and film.PVA can be seen as a linear polymer with a hydroxyl polymer.
-Hydroxyl of molecules which has high activity can be a typical chemical reaction of low-alcohol, such as esterification, etherification, acetal, etc and can also react with a number of inorganic compounds or organic compounds.


The Polyvinyl alcohol powder can be dissolved in water. PVA with Less than 95%alcoholysis degree can

be dissolved in water at room temperature and PVA with more than 99.5% alcoholysis degree can only be
dissolved in hot water above 95C.

Thermal Stability 

The heat can make PVA soften and there is no significant change below 40C but 160C or more, for a long time

heated ,it will gradually be colored .when 220C above it is decomposed to produce water, acetic acid, acetaldehyde
and propylene aldehyde.

Chemical Resistance

PVA is almost free from weak acid, weak base, or the impact of organic solvents, oil is very high.


TNJ brand PVA resin has 1799 1788 2488 2499....

Please refer to the TDS PVA for more about our PVA resin


* PVA Is mainly used in textile warp sizing agent, fabric finishing agent, vinylon fiber raw materials;

* Architectural decoration industry external walls, 107 glue, coatings, adhesives;
* The chemical industry used as polymer emulsifier and dispersing agent and polyvinyl formal,shrink acetaldehyde,
butyral resins; Paper industry is used as paper adhesive;
* Agriculture used to soil amendments, pesticides adhesion synergistic agent and polyvinyl alcohol film;
* Can also be used for daily cosmetics and high frequency quenching agent, etc.


25kg per bag, 18mt per 20ft container

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      Polyvinyl alcohol price
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