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Polysorbate 40
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    Food | Tech
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    200Kg /drum
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Product:         Tween 40
Synonyms:     Polysorbate 40
CAS No.:        9005-66-7
EINECS:         215-665-4
M.F.:              C22H42O6.(C2H4O)n



Appearance                                     Light yellow liquid
Hydroxyl value, mgKOH/g                85~100

Saponification number, mgKOH/g   40~55
Acid value, mgKOH/g                       ≤ 2
Water content, %                           ≤ 2.5


Used as emulsifier, foaming agent, lubricant, solubilizing agent, antistatic agent, washing agent,penetrating agent, dispersing agent, degreasing agent and chemical intermediate in the industry.


Industial grade:  200Kg / metal drum;

Food grade:   200Kg / plastic drum (Net weight).

6mt (80 drums) / 20FCL


Stored at a dry and ventilated location away from fire and other dangerous goods, and should avoid direct sunlight.

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      Polysorbate 40
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