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Polyquaternium 7
Polyquaternium 7 CAS 108464-53-5

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PQ-7 is clear colorless viscous liquid,efficiently used in shampoo.Strengthen and stabilize the foam of shampoo.And also be used in skin care such as shaving cream, bath form and deodorant. 

Index name                                  Spec
Appearance                                  Clear colorless viscous liquid
Solid(%)                                       10± 0.5%
PH value(1% water solution)       5~8
Viscosity(cps/25℃)                       8000~15000


1.Efficiently used in shampoo. Strengthen and stabilize the foam of shampoo. Contribute luster and a soft, silky feel. Suggested concentration is 0.5~5%.
2.Contribute the hair easy to comb and keep the frizzle firm during hair-set process with the hair dressings and lotions. Suggested concentration is about 1~5%

3.For use in skin care such as shaving cream, bath form and deodorant. Suggested concentration is about 0.5~5%.

200kgs/plastic drum,16MT/FCL

Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated indoor location. Protect from direct sunlight, high temperature, and moisture. After opening the package, use it out quickly to prevent microbial deterioration. 
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      Polyquaternium 7 CAS 108464-53-5
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