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Pine oil price
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Pine oil CAS 8002-09-3 is colorless or light yellow transparent liquid with characteristic odor, slight less than the gravity of water.Pine oil is obtained by the steam distillation of needles, twigs and comes from a variety of species of pine, particularly Pinus sylvestris. It has a strong piny odor and is miscible with alcohol. Pine Oil contains alphaterpineol plus other cyclic terpene alcohols and terpene hydrocarbons.

Pine oil is used in aromatherapy, as a scent in bath oils, as a cleaning product, and as a lubricant in small and expensive clockwork instruments. It is naturally deodorizing, and antibacterial. It may also be used varyingly as a disinfectant, massage oil and an antiseptic. It is also used as an effective organic herbicide where its action is to modify the waxy cuticle of plants, resulting in desiccation.



 Item  50%  65%  70%  85%  90%
 Color, max  6  6  6  6  6
Appearance  Oily liquid Oily liquid  Oily liquid  Oily liquid  Oily liquid
 Water, %max.  0.7  0.7  0.7  0.7  0.7
 Terpene alcohol, %min.  50  65  70  85  90
 Gravity  0.866  0.90-0.92  0.90-0.92  0.92-0.94  0.92-0.94
 Distillation range, Co  168-230  170-225  170-225  190-225  190-225
 Impurities, %max  0.5  0.5  0.3  0.3  0.3
 PH Value  5-7  5-7  5-7  5-7  5-7


Pine oil is most useful to relieve mental, physical and sexual fatigue, while having a cleansing and invigorating effect on an area and is great for vapor therapy in a sick room as it promotes healing.

It can be used for cuts and sores, scabies and lice and for excessive perspiration, while its warming properties help with rheumatism, arthritis, gout, muscular aches and pains and it can stimulate circulation. Furthermore it can help in cases of bronchitis, asthma, catarrh, coughs, laryngitis, colds and flu. It eases breathlessness and sinusitis.

As a general kidney cleanser, it is effective with cystitis, prostate problems and urinary infections and can also help with nervous exhaustion, neuralgia and mental fatigue.

It is mainly applied in the production of household detergent, industrial cleaner, high quality ink and paint solvent owing to its pleasant pine smell, notable antimicrobial power and excellent solvency, low concentration ones can be used as foaming agent in ore floatation.

It is a phenolic disinfectant. It is generally effective against numerous bacterial strains and enveloped viruses. Pine oil is not generally effective against non-enveloped viruses or spores.It will kill the causative agents of typhoid, gastroenteritis, rabies, enteric fever, cholera, several forms of meningitis, whooping cough,gonorrhea and several types of dysentery. Pine oil is also effective against several of the leading causes of food poisoning.


Galvanized Iron Drum, 180kg per drum, 80 drums per 20'FCL;

Flammable materials should be stored in a separate safety storage cabinet or room keep away from heat
keep away from sources of ignition, keep container dry, keep container tightly closed, keep in a cool, well-ventilated place.


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