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Novaluron suppliers, factory, manufacturers
Novaluron suppliers
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    25KG/drum or according to customers' requirments
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    TNJ Chemical

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Novaluron is a chemical raw material which can kill insects, the CAS No. is 116714-46-6.

                                     98% TC                    10% EC                     10% WP
Appearance               Off-white powder    Off-white powder         Off-white liquid
A.I. Content                  98% min.                 10% min.                    10%min
Water , %                     1.0 max.                  2.5 max.                    2.5max
pH value                          **                         7.0 ~ 9.0                   7.0 ~ 9.0
Suspensibility, %             **                         60 min.                      90 min.
Wet sieve test
(75 μm sieve, %)             **                         98 min.                       99 min.


A broad spectrum insecticide, rapid efficacy against the eggs of certain pests have a killing effect. Valid for this drug residues in length, suitable for cotton, fruit trees, vegetables and other crops.


25KG/drum or according to customers' requirments


Store in a cool,dry place, and keep away direct sunshine.

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      Novaluron suppliers
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