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N-Dodecyl-N,N-Dimethylamine-N-Oxide 30% CAS 1643-20-5 suppliers
N-Dodecyl-N,N-Dimethylamine-N-Oxide 30% CAS 1643-20-5
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Buy N-Dodecyl-N,N-Dimethylamine-N-Oxide 30% CAS 1643-20-5, a chemical intermediate from TNJ Chemical, China leading N-Dodecyl-N,N-Dimethylamine-N-Oxide CAS 1643-20-5 suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you want to buy N-Dodecyl-N,N-Dimethylamine-N-Oxide CAS 1643-20-5, please mail to [email protected]


1.It is a kind of weak cationic surfactant, in acid medium was cationic, and in alkaline medium was nonionic.

2.Excellent antistatic, foaming, softening, thicking, solubilizing, foam-stabilizing performance. Also, it can produce lots of foam, mild irritation to skin and eyes.


Assay 30%Min
Color 100 Max
Appearance (20ºC) Colorless to light yellow clear liquid
Ph(1% aqueous solution) 4-8
Free amine and its salt ≤2.5%


Lauryl Dimethyl Amine Oxide is used as detergent, emulsifier, wetting agent, foaming agent, softener, milling agent and dyeing auxiliary. OA-12 also can be used as sterilizing agent and antistatic agent, as a coagulant during metal plating, as an initiating agent or inhibiting agent in polymerization, as an emulsifying agent or moisturizing agent in cosmetics; otherwise, it can be used as an antirust agent for metal.The recommended dosage is 3%~10%


200kg/drum, 80 drums per 20feet container


(1) Stored in a cool and dry well-closed container and in ventilated area.

(2) kept away from moisture and strong light or high temperature.

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      N-Dodecyl-N,N-Dimethylamine-N-Oxide 30% CAS 1643-20-5
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