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n-Butyric acid Price
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Product Name:           N-Butyric acid

Synonyms:                N-Butyric acid
CAS Nr.:                    107-92-6
EINECS:                    203-532-3
Molecular Formula:     C4H8O2
Molecular Weight:      88.11

Physical Information

Physical State:          Colorless liquid

Solubility:                Soluble in water
Melting Point:          -6--3℃(lit.)
Boiling point:           162℃(lit.)
Density:                  0.964 g/mL at 25℃ (lit.)


Assay                       ≥99.50%

* Please refer to Certificate of Analysis for lot specific data.


The main purpose of Butyric acid is to create butyrate cellulose butyrate. For the manufacture of thermoformed signs, glasses, car steering wheel. It is much stronger than cellulose acetate in aging,water resistance,shrinkage, etc. Butyric acid is also widely used to make varnishes and molding powder. In addition, Butyric acid used in the synthesis of various types of butyrate which is featured with pleasant fruit flavor. Daily flavor Linalyl butyric acid and butyric acid are also geraniol ester derivatives. A very small amount of Butyric acid can send a very strong, very strong odor when used for Flavors.



Storage & Transport

Stored in cool and airy place; away from fire and heat; handle with care; no breakage, avoid leakage

This is classified as as a Dangerous Good for transport.(UN 2820, Class 8, Packing group III)
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      n-Butyric acid Price
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