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n-Butyl acetate
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Product name     Butyl acetate
n-Butyl acetate; Acetic acid n-butyl ester   

CAS No.              123-86-4

EINECS               204-658-1
M.F.                     C6H12O2
M.W.                   116.16


Transparent liquid, without suspended impurities. Slight soluble in water, soluble in most alcohols and ethers

-Odor:  Fruity
-Density:  0.88 g/cm3
-Melting Point:  -78℃
-Boiling Point:  126.1 ℃ under normal atmosphere
-Flashing Point:  22℃
-Solubility in water:  0.7 g/100 mL at 20℃
-Refractive index:  1.394 at 20℃
-Vapour pressure:  15mmHg at 25℃


Appearance              Colorless oily transparent liquid

Assay                        ≥99.50%
n-Butanol                  ≤0.20%
Water                        ≤0.05%
Acidity                        ≤0.01%
Color (Hazan)            ≤10
Density((β20)            0.878~0.883g/cm3
Nonvolatile Matter    ≤0.005%


1) Butyl acetate is used as solvent in coating, lacquer, printing ink, adhesive, leatheroid, nitrocellulose, etc.

2) It is the solvent of some cosmetics, acting as medium boiling solvent of nail polishes to dissolve the
epithelium forming agents, like: nitrocellulose, acrylate and alkyd resins.
3) It also can be used to prepare the remover of nail polishes. It is often mixed with ethyl acetate while in use.
4) It is also applied to prepare perfume. It appears in the recipes of apricot, banana, pear and pineapple essences.
5) In petroleum refining and pharmaceutical industry, it is used as extractant, especially the extractant of some antibiotics.
6) Butyl acetate is an azeotrope former with good ability to carry water. It is often used to condense some weak solution to reduce energy consumption.

7) Butyl acetate also can be used as analytical reagent verify thalium, stannum and tungsten, and determine molybdenum and rhenium.


180kgs/steel drumx80drums=14.4 tons/1x20' FCL

200kgs/steel drumx80drums=16 tons/1x20' FCL

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      n-Butyl acetate
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