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Methyl Hydrogen Silicone Oil CAS 63148-57-2
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TNJ Chemical produces super quality Methyl Hydrogen Silicone Oil CAS 63148-57-2 - 99.5%MIN assay, GMP SGS certification, USP BP EP FCC standard, Competitive price, online purchase support. To buy Methyl Hydrogen Silicone Oil CAS 63148-57-2, please contact [email protected]


Under the action of metal salt catalyst, it can be cross-linked into a film under a low temperature, forming a waterproof film on the surface of various substances, can be used as a fabric, glass, ceramics, paper, leather, metal, cement, marble and other materials waterproof, especially the waterproof fabric. In addition, it can also be used as an anti - adhesive and crosslinking agent of papers. Used for high temperature vulcanized silicone anti-yellowing agent, addition silicone rubber cross-linking agent, also can be used to dilute silicone rubber ink.



1. Used as as anti-yellowing agent, coupling agent in making high-temperature silicone rubber compound(HTV);

2. Used as crosslinking agent for addition silicone rubber;

3. Used as waterproof clothing, waterproof gypsum board do waterproof agent (hydrophobic agent, water agent), in the role of metal salts catalyst, low temperature can be cross-linked into a film, forming a waterproof film on the surface;

4. Used as insulation in the MgO (electrical grade MgO) surface treatment;

5. Used as a softener, hydrophobic agent, feel improver, sewing line lubrication, chemical fiber spinneret lubrication and clothing pressure lining agent in textile, clothing industry.


Application Industry

1. Silicone rubber industry: anti-yellowing agent, coupling agent and bridging agent;

2. Waterproof industry: water-proofing agent and water-repellent agent;

3. Insulation industry: surface treatment of MgO;

4. Textile industry: softener, hydrophobic agent, hand oil.



Steel drum, net weight 200kg/drum or International Bulk Container, net weight 1000kg/IBC. Storage at a cool, dry and well-ventilated place and keep away from alkaline, acid and moisture. It is non-hazardous substance. Be careful when loading and unloading to avoid damages of the package. During transportation, protect against damp, water, acid and alkali.

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      Methyl Hydrogen Silicone Oil CAS 63148-57-2
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